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North Platte, Nebraska
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                        Knights of Columbus Fourth Degree                        
Religiously Devoted, Patriotically Proud
For most men who follow Jesus, there comes a time when duty extends beyond our own lives, beyond how we lead our families, and into how we serve our fellow man. That's what the Knights of Columbus is all about. The Patriotic Degree allows K of C members to take this one step further. "Sir Knight" is more than a title — it’s an honor.

Vision and Goals:

Standing Firm in Support of the Order
Knights of the Patriotic Degree are dedicated to the personal development and continued honor of brother Knights. We are always there to offer leadership, guidance, and encouragement.

Proudly Serving the Country
Knights of the Patriotic Degree glorify God by serving our communities and nations as though Christ were the one being served.

Unwavering Support of the Faith
Knights of the Patriotic Degree hold unwaveringly to what are right and honorable, working to keep God in the civic arena, serving the life of the Church, and defending laws that recognize the sanctity of life and true religious liberty.

The Color Corps
Since the establishment of the Patriotic Degree in 1900, the Color Corps have provided honour guards for religious and civic functions, an activity that has brought worldwide recognition to the Knights of Columbus. They are distinguishable by their official regalia of tuxedos, capes, chapeaux, and swords.  The Color Corps of the Knights of Columbus are the uniformed members of the Fourth Degree. They are the ones that are most noticeable at church and public functions.

Information on Membership to the Fourth Degree

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Are You Called to be a Fourth Degree Knight?

Any Third Degree member in good standing, one year after the anniversary of his First Degree, is eligible for membership in the Fourth Degree. The primary purpose of the Fourth Degree is to foster the spirit of patriotism by promoting responsible citizenship and a love of and loyalty to the United States of America through active membership in local Fourth Degree groups (called "assemblies").  We welcome you to join Saint Patrick's Fourth Degree Assembly 607.  
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This website is dedicated in honor of Ted Mueller, Albert Theodore Mueller, Sr. and Henry Theodore Hoefer. All were lifelong members of Council 1211. Two were past Grand Knights and all three were members and officers of the 4th Degree Assembly 607, which they served with honor. All three Sir Knights served the Catholic Church faithfully, and lived their entire lives as true Catholics in both deeds and actions.  Sir Knight, John J. Thalken, long time Financial Secretary for Knights of Columbus Council 1211, for his tireless decades of dedicated service to the Order.
Recquiescas in pace et in paradiso tecum rursus erimus.
Era i roto i te rangimarie kowhaea, pāpara e tupuna. Mā te Atua e manaaki.  Amene
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