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                                        Our Spiritual Leaders                                         
The Knights of Columbus are guided by many spiritual leaders. This page recognises some of those who play an influential role in our lives.

His Holiness Pope Francis
Bishop of Rome
Website of the
Holy See

Most Reverend Joseph G. Hanefeldt
Bishop, Diocese of Grand Island
Website of the
Diocese of Grand Island

Website of
Saint Patrick's Parish

Reverend Father Josh Brown
Worthy Chaplin and Pastor
Nebraska Associate State Chaplin
Saint Patrick's Catholic Church

Reverend Father Matthew Nash
Parochial Vicar
Saint Patrick's Catholic Church
Website of
Saint Patrick's Parish

Website of
Holy Spirit Parish

Reverend Father Vidya Arikotla, S.D.B.
Pastor, Holy Spirit Catholic Church
Reverend Father Mark Seiker
Saint Elizabeth Ann Seaton Catholic Church
Website of
Saint Elizabeth Ann Seaton Parish

The Knights of Columbus is consecrated to our Lady,
the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth.

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Today, the Knights of Columbus is providentially positioned to play a key role in the new alliance between the Church and the family called for by Pope Francis …What is necessary now is our greater involvement in the renewal of parish and family life.

                     --Supreme Knight Carl Anderson
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